Sunday, December 7, 2008

first time posting

hahahahhaha......salam to all of you... thank you cause dropping by to view and read my blog... first time blogging still need some guidance from all of you.. reason why start blogging??? ermmm, ntah la... mungkin sbb teruja kot after reading mat yo and sofi's blog.. hahahah terus click kat create blog and now, as u can see here is my blog..

"one way street" name of the blog.... think, some of u might be wondering why on the earth i'm choosing that name for my blog.. simple reason cause i think it's good... for me la..

ermm.. again, wish to thank you all cause willing to spend some of ur quality time for viewing and reading my blog... hope to learn more mcm mana nk berblogging neh from anda semua... go go chaiyook....


soffie dos santos aveiro said...

selamat mem blogging kan diri..haha

nextexit said...
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nextexit said...

silap taip la.. hahaha

weh, apasal tak buat sajak??
ape2hal, slamat raya korban..